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Refreshing and Nourishing Drink Heaven at Cafe Nho

Seasonal Classics

pennywort and coconut with pandan jelly and mung bean foam (Plastic cup) (3).jpg

Cafe Nho

As a haven for nostalgia, Cafe Nho invites you to relive cherished memories while creating new ones.


Indulge in our exceptional desserts paired with the finest coffee, ensuring an unforgettable experience.


Our menu caters to diverse dietary preferences, offering vegan and nut-free drink options. With freshly-made beverages crafted in-store, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Experience the magic of Cafe Nho and let your memories come alive.

Decadent ice cream and handcrafted tapioca pearls are proudly made in-house.

Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese ice coffee) (3).jpg

Freshly Roasted,
Flavour-Packed Vietnamese Coffee

Cafe Nho's Vietnamese coffee offers a strong and sweet flavour that provides a powerful caffeine boost. Whether enjoyed over ice with condensed milk or blended with various toppings like Oreos or Snickers, this irresistible beverage satisfies cravings and energises for the day ahead.

Fresh, HandCrafted Tapioca Pearls

Cafe Nho sets itself apart by meticulously handcrafting tapioca pearls using fresh ingredients and real flour, avoiding hard-to-digest additives. Our pearls naturally break down when left in drinks overnight, showcasing our commitment to pure ingredients. Experience the authentic flavours of our naturally flavoured boba milk teas at Cafe Nho.

Black sugar pearl (11).jpg
Avocado and black sugar pearl ice cream (2).jpg

Decadent, In-House Ice Cream

Cafe Nho's homemade ice cream is made with natural fruit and raw ingredients, creating authentic flavors that leave a lasting impact on the palate. It offers a refreshing and unique alternative to artificial additives.

Sweet, Refreshing and
Handmade Desserts

Experience vibrant Vietnamese flavours at Cafe Nho with our specialty fruit cocktails and iconic dessert, Che Nho 3 Mau. This colourful and delicious treat features our popular red ruby, creamy Coconut milk and Pandan jelly.

Savour our fresh tofu and cendol, made with soy milk and topped with Pandan cendol. Close your eyes and let the authentic flavours transport you to Vietnam's bustling streets.

Don't miss out on our must-try fruit cocktails for a unique and complex taste.

Dessert Group shot (2).jpg
avocado coconut and black sesame smoothie (2).jpg

Rich and Creamy Traditional
Vietnamese Smoothies

Enjoy our Avocado and Coffee smoothie, a velvety blend of coffee and creamy Avocado. Try our popular Avocado, Coconut, and Black Sesame mix for a creamy and tropical delight. Quench your thirst with our famous Avocado and Durian smoothie, a delicious treat.

Cafe Nho Difference

At Cafe Nho, we use natural fruit in all our drinks, providing essential nutrients and vitamins for delicious and beneficial beverages that enhance well-being.

We carefully select the finest coffee beans, teas, and milk to create our signature drinks, each crafted to perfection.

Why settle for artificial flavours and low-quality ingredients when you can enjoy the real deal? Visit us to experience the difference firsthand.


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